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8754 Riverview Blvd Saint Louis Missouri

The Apartments at 8754 Riverview Blvd, are owned an managed by the family of a well known name in the St. Louis community. The Little family, of Afroworld® Hair and Fashions in Normandy, has owned the building for more than 40 years. In fact just about every member of the Little Family has lived in the building at one time or another, so they pride themselves on insuring that things run smoothly in the building. That means that while we strictly adhere to Fair Housing Standards and Practices we do not just rent to anyone.

All applicants for these apartments must go through a thorough Background, and Credit Check, and while we don't sweat the small stuff, Crimes against people, and their property is grounds for immediate denial of an application for Lease/Rental. Evictions/Repossessions within the last three years, or multiple Evictions/Repossessions over any period of time is also grounds for a Declined Application.

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